iVis 30

Doppler Color 4D
Manufacturer: CHISON

Catalogue iVis 30

The latest iVis 30 has set the new standard of ultrasound with multiple applications including Abdomen, OB/GNY, Urology, GP, Small parts. The ergonomic design, advanced 4D rendering technologies, streamlined workflow, bring great power to upgrade your diagnostic capability at attractive price. 

Advanced Imaging Technology 

Multi-Beam Forming  Processing 
Enhance Frame rate 
Optimize system resource 
Improve image resolution 

Integrated compounding image 

Compared with conventional spatial compounding technology, Integrated compounding imaging integrates frequency, aperture, focus and time compounding technologies. It more efficiently improves image quality without decreasing the frame rate. 

The Revolutionary Real-time 4D  Technology 
The state of art iVis 30 is a breakthrough in traditional ultrasound technology. Real-time 4D imaging is the continuous, three dimensional scanning of an object with simultaneous visualization of the A, B and C planes. This revolutionary multi-beam technology, displays 3D images in real time, goes beyond the boundaries of traditional ultrasound and allows to see the movement of an object in real time. 
Compared to the widely available 2D ultrasounds, a 4D ultrasound is composed of 3D picture with the addition of live motion. This advanced technology gives the radiologist additional information for a more accurate diagnosis and highest patient care.