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Eco 5

Ultra-Portable, Color doppler
Manufacturer: CHISON

Catalogue ECO 5

The ECO 5 Ultra Portable Color Doppler Portable Ultrasound uses the latest platform and more advanced chip-set bringing you more advanced image and features at less cost in a more compact box. This compact supports PC printer reducing investment and day to day paper cost. The Rotatable LED monitor is taller with high definition even at different viewing angles. The unique LED screen also reduces eye fatigue. The ultra light design makes this machine easy to carry, and features a keyboard design is that is easy and quick to access.

• Less radiation
• Lower power consumption
• Longer life: LED

•  Rotatable LED monitor(0~30°)Tailored at different viewing angles
•  Unique LED:reduce eye fatigue
•  Keyboard design: for easy and quick access

• Full digital beam-former
• Color doppler technology
   Double frame rate technology
   Color priority 
   Color filter
• Display modes: B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M, CFM, PW, Trapezoidal
• i-Image™
• THI (Tissue harmonic imaging)
• SRA (Speckle reduction algorithm)
• Compound imaging